Paints & Colours

One major decision for the clients to make is answering what kind of paints to use?

Water-based paints will be used for wall areas. Glossy and semi glossy enamels will be used for wood and metal surfaces to avoid damage caused due to sun and rain. Windows, grills, doors and gate will be painted by using enamel. Satin enamel will have matt and regular glossy enamel will have sheen finish.

In case of wall colours, choice should be made on the basis of user age groups. For example, light pink can be a great shade for a young girl's room. In case of boys, more experimental fusion of colors and images can be more welcoming. All shades will have specific effects on the mood of a person living in a room. Shades of red can be stimulating for the mind. Using purple is a great way of creating a royal ambience. Blue and off-white are soothing shades. Orange is excellent for kitchen and dining room as it stimulates the appetite. Green is seen as a healing hue and is great for those seeking help with ailments and sickness while brown is a standard for those who want to be trusted and believed, such as those in executive offices or legal services. Blue is known to show respectability, trustworthiness and calmness and looks great. Many restaurants and bars use the color red because of it being known to psychologically make us hungrier.

Generally for exterior Painting we use three ranges of paints in asian paints:

  • Ace Exterior Emulsion
  • Apex Weather Proof Emulsion
  • Apex Ultima Weather Proof Emulsion

Features of Apex Exterior Emulsion:

  • Weather Guard
  • Excellent Protection against UV Attack
  • Excellent Anti-algal Performance
  • Fantastic Shade Range
  • Washability

Features of Apex Ultima Exterior Emulsion:

  • Color Stay Technology
  • Advanced Anti-algal Formula
  • Weather Guard
  • Excellent Dirt Pick up Resistance
  • Rich Sheen
  • Fantastic Shade Range
  • High Washability

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